Marketing, Old and New

Traditionally, marketing intelligence is based on consultancy studies, market research and scattered information.

We propose a comprehensive system where Marketing Data Warehouse with ROMI machine is implemented in your marketing department so that you can enjoy continuous improvement of your marketing intelligence and decision-making. We will help you start with that, while you retain full control of how and where the work gets done.

What our approach has to offer

Our tried-and-tested system allows you to...

Know your marketing impact

Much too often marketing in companies is approached as a “black box“ within which it's very difficult to distinguish between efforts that work and those that don't. Lack of a clear feedback loop between campaigns and results allows for good ideas to be overlooked while bad ones stick around. Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) analysis empowers you to compare your marketing investments with sales, apples to apples (or Euros to Euros).

Get the most from marketing

Our analyses have shown that ROMI is usually higher with digital marketing. Even higher returns can be achieved by combining various channels with optimised timing. With our Marketing Mix Modelling you can optimise the investments for each marketing channel.

Get timely insights

With our system you can get access to your data whenever and wherever you want. No longer do you need to metaphorically rustle through heaps of different PDF and PowerPoint files just to find the figures you are looking for.

Achieve precision in your decision making

Base you all-important decisions on actual, measureable insight. Your hunches are probably good, but with insight into the data, they become supercharged. You bring us the ore, we'll extract the gold.

Enjoy reporting flexibility

No longer are you chained by what generic off-the-shelf packages have to offer. With us, you can get to exactly the sort of information you want to obtain. Chances are, we already have what you want, and we can build it for you, too.

Have transparency for good decisions

Data-driven decision-making requires models for number crunching. We will give you not only the ROMI results, but also the models with the source code. You will be able to take the full control and develop the models and analytics capacity further.

A live example of one of our solutions

In this live example you can customise the output of the analysis implemented using ARIMAX models by choosing which products and marketing channels are to be displayed. The resulting graphs show you the sales graphs for selected products and ROMI values (return in Euros for every Euro spent on marketing) for each channel. You can get precise values for any entry by hovering over with your mouse or tapping the parts of the charts that interest you.

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About us

Ben Smith

CompanySirWay, Ltd.

ROMI is a service provided by SirWay, Ltd (headquarters in Helsinki). The company has been offering data-driven decision-making tools for over 10 years since the establishment in 2002. SirWay provides analysis, modelling, simulation, optimisation and forecasting for large data sets to improve marketing and financial decisions. Don't hesitate to contact the Managing Director Konsta Mikael Sirvio directly (+358 40 8233890) for further information.

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